Are There Any Alternatives to a Root Canal?

If your child needs a root canal, you may be wondering if there are any alternative ways to fix the tooth. At Kool Smiles, we know how important your child’s teeth are, and we want to do whatever we can to save them.

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Are There Alternatives to a Root Canal?

If a cavity has reached the inside of your child’s tooth, your dentist may recommend a root canal treatment to help heal the infection and lessen your child’s pain. Although it may sound scary, a root canal treatment is a great way to save your child’s tooth.

The only alternative to a root canal is tooth removal. If your child has an infection in his or her baby tooth, having it removed will leave a space where the tooth should be. Baby teeth are important place holders for adult teeth and give your child’s mouth a healthy start. If it can be done, root canal therapy is the best choice.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal treatment is nothing for your child to be afraid of. Your child’s tooth will be numbed, and the dentist will use special tools to get into the infected pulp and remove it. Then, your child’s tooth will be filled with a substance and capped off.

What Are the Symptoms of an Infected Tooth?

There are many different signs to look out for when you suspect a tooth infection. Just a few of the symptoms include:

  • Pain when chewing
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Swollen gums
  • Swollen jaw

Although there are many more symptoms, if your child complains of any tooth or mouth pain, you should make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.

Find Alternative to a Root Canal at Kool Smiles

Kool Smiles is a general dentistry focused on providing quality care to kids. We are always taking new patients, and we accept Medicaid and TRICARE.

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