4 Types Of Braces For Teens And Their Costs

Getting braces for your teen can help straighten their teeth and heal any injury or misalignment. The team at Kool Smiles is here to help and will provide no-cost braces consultations for you and your teen.

Keep reading to find several types of braces for teens and their associated costs.

Cost of Braces for Teens

Getting braces for your teen involves multiple adjustments and checkups. The overall price depends on your location, the severity of the alignment, and the type of braces your teen gets. The typical cost of traditional metal braces can average out to $4,937 without insurance.

With insurance, getting your teen fitted for braces can cost you about $3,407 out-of-pocket, with a coverage range of $1,000 to $2,000.  

Being a parent is tough enough without the extra expenses. With Kool Smiles, your teen can expect professional, affordable orthodontic treatment. 

Schedule a no-cost consultation for braces by calling Kool Smiles today.

Braces Options For Teens

Here are four standard types of braces that can help correct your teen’s smile:

1. Metal Braces ($3,000–$7,000)

Metal braces hold teeth together using metal brackets and wires. Modern metal braces are smaller and less obvious than traditional metal braces of years past, though they still work the same. Metal braces are the least expensive braces option.

2. Ceramic Braces ($4,000–$8,000)

Ceramic braces are more discrete than metal braces. While they are the same size and shape of metal braces, their brackets blend in your teen’s natural tooth color. They also correct alignment quicker.

3. Lingual Braces ($8,000–$10,000)

Lingual braces are made the same way metal braces are, but are placed on the inside of the mouth, behind your teen’s teeth. While this makes them invisible, being behind your teen’s teeth make them more difficult to clean. Lingual braces will also require more adjustments over time.

4. Invisalign ($4,000–$7,400)

Invisalign is the most comfortable option for mild cases of tooth alignment. This nearly invisible option consists of up to 30 custom-made aligners, designed to fit over your teen’s teeth.  Eating is easier, but the aligners must be replaced every couple of weeks.

Once fitted, your teen will need to wear his or her braces for one to three years. Afterwards, a retainer may need to be worn to hold your teen’s teeth in place.

Kool Smiles Locations and No-Cost Braces Consultations

Find out more about teen braces options near you. Since 2002, the family-friendly team at Kool Smiles has been helping families like yours find the right fit for metal braces. We accept Medicaid for all general dentistry work, TRICARE, SCHIP, as well as payment options that meet a fixed budget.

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