Why Is There a Big Gap Between My Kid’s Teeth?

Gaps between your kid’s teeth can result from several different causes. Sometimes the gap and its cause should be fixed, and other times, you and your child might decide that a unique smile is better.

If you notice a gap between your child’s teeth, you should have a dentist check it out and help you decide on next steps. A general dentist from Kool Smiles can exam your child’s teeth and make a recommendation.

What to Think of Space Between Teeth

You might think that a gap between your child’s teeth is nothing to worry about. Lots of kids sport gaps as they wait for their permanent teeth. The gaps are usually filled when the adult teeth come in. 

It’s also possible that your child’s teeth are too small for his or her jaws, leaving spaces between the teeth. These gaps can be fixed with braces.

However, some gaps between the teeth are a signal of serious gum disease and bacterial infections that have destroyed the bone that should hold the teeth in place.

It’s not always easy to know what is causing a gap between the teeth. That’s why it’s best to bring your child to a dentist who can check out the gap, figure out the cause, and recommend next steps.

When to Fix the Space Between Teeth

The space between teeth should be fixed if the cause is harmful or the gap creates additional dental issues. A dentist can help you determine if the gap is caused by:

Call Kool Smiles to Address Your Child’s Tooth Gap

If your child has a gap between his or her teeth, make an appointment with a Kool Smiles dentist. Our general dentists are always accepting new patients and will be happy to examine the gap between your child’s teeth. Call us today to make an appointment.



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