How Much Do Ceramic Braces Cost?

If your child needs braces, you may want to know how much ceramic braces cost. Despite a few disadvantages when compared with traditional braces, ceramic braces can cost on average between $4,000 and $8,000, placing their cost slightly higher than that of metal braces ($3,000–$7,000).

Here are five additional things to know about the cost of ceramic braces.

5 Facts About the Cost of Ceramic Braces

    1. Ceramic braces cost more based on their materials—Stainless steel (used in metal braces) is cheaper than ceramic, so patients must pay more for the difference in material.
    2. You’re paying for invisibility—The reason most people choose to pay a little bit more for ceramic braces is because they are less visible than metal ones. Kids with braces can sometimes be shy about speaking or smiling, and ceramic braces can help them deal with these feelings.
    3. Not all of the cost is paid upfront—The extra cost that comes with ceramic braces doesn’t stop when the braces go on. Ceramic braces typically require more trips to the orthodontist for maintenance and adjustments and that means more money. Ceramic braces are also not as strong as metal ones and repairing chips and cracks can add to the cost.
    4. Just like metal braces, the cost can vary—People who get ceramic braces don’t always pay more than people who get metal ones. The condition and number of teeth that need to be corrected, the age of the patient, and how long the braces need to be on are just some of the factors that can affect the cost of both metal and ceramic braces.
    5. Ceramic braces aren’t the most expensive type of braces—While a little more costly than metal braces, ceramic braces are still not the most expensive kind of braces. Inside braces, which are placed on the opposite side of the teeth and are hidden from view, are significantly more expensive than ceramics. Aligners, which are removable trays custom fit to your teeth, are also priced higher than ceramics.

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