How To Fix a Chipped Tooth

As long as children are active, they will always be at risk for chipping a tooth. But that doesn’t mean you should worry as a parent.

Chipped teeth are common in children and can generally be fixed by a dentist. If your child has chipped a tooth, don’t panic. We’ll walk you through the steps of how to fix a chipped tooth.

What Should I Do After My Child Chips a Tooth? 

Follow these four steps after your child chips a tooth:

1. Call your child’s dentist immediately. 

2. Have your child rinse his or her mouth out with water.

3. Place a cold compress on the area where your child’s mouth was hit to reduce pain and swelling.

4. If you have the tooth fragment, bring it with you to your child’s dentist appointment.

What Will the Dentist Do to Fix the Tooth?

Chipped teeth can be fixed by a trained dentist, but how they are fixed depends on the severity of the chip. 

  • If the chip is minor and only affects the outer enamel, your child’s dentist may be able to fix it using only a filling, which will fill in the gap left by the chip.
  • If the damage is more severe, your child may require a dental cap or crown to protect the tooth and make it look normal.
  • If the tooth is damaged enough that it cannot be made to look normal with a filling or a crown, your child’s dentist may recommend a dental veneer to improve the appearance of the tooth.
  • If the tooth is so badly chipped that the root is exposed, your child may need a root canal to restore the structure of the tooth and protect it from further damage.

If your child has chipped a tooth, the trained and friendly dentists at Kool Smiles can fix your child’s tooth. We also offer a large variety of other dental services and accept most major insurance plans, Medicaid, TRICARE, and other payment options so that your child’s dental treatment is always affordable.

Fix a Chipped Tooth at Kool Smiles

If your child has a chipped tooth or is in need of a routine dental exam, call Kool Smiles today. Our dentists focus on caring for kids, and we’re happy to help your child get quality dental care.