How Much Does Laser Teeth Cleaning Cost?

Laser teeth cleaning costs are higher than traditional dental cleaning costs, but there are some distinct advantages.

A Kool Smiles dentist can help you decide if laser treatment is right for your child, and if the advantages are worth paying the extra cost. Keep reading to learn more about the laser teeth cleaning process.

How Much Does Laser Teeth Cleaning Cost?

The exact cost of a laser teeth cleaning will depend on the location of the dentist, the number of teeth that require cleaning, and the type of insurance your have.

You should contact your insurance company to see if laser treatments are covered by your plan.

What Is Laser Teeth Cleaning?

When patients have gum disease, a space forms between the gum and the tooth, providing a perfect place for plaque and tartar to build up and bacteria to destroy the gum.

Traditional cleaning methods to get rid of gum disease include scraping between the gum line and tooth to remove the built up plaque and tartar. This helps the gum reattach to the tooth.

This traditional type of cleaning can come with some downsides, including:

  • It can take a long time
  • It can be uncomfortable
  • It may cause swelling and bleeding
  • It may cause discomfort around the teeth

However, laser teeth cleaning addresses these issues. The advantages of using a laser for dental cleanings include:

  • Reduced discomfort and swelling after the cleaning
  • No sounds or feelings of scraping on the teeth
  • Possibly less anxiety for the patient

Lasers are also being used to treat other dental conditions, including tooth decay, biopsies, and teeth whitening.

Is Laser Teeth Cleaning Really Better?

While the Food and Drug Administration has approved laser use in the dental industry, the technology has not received the American Dental Association Seal of Approval. This is mainly because some tests have not shown that laser teeth cleaning is more effective than manual cleaning.

Schedule Laser Teeth Cleaning at Kool Smiles

To see if laser teeth cleaning is the right choice for your child, contact your local Kool Smiles dental office and schedule an appointment with one of our dentists.

We can help determine if your child needs laser teeth cleaning and provide expected costs for the procedure. 




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