Loose Baby Tooth Cracked In Half

If your child has a loose tooth or one that has been cracked in half, stay calm and assess the damage. Call your local Kool Smiles dentist for immediate help.

Listed below are several ways to care for a loose or cracked baby tooth.

Should I Visit the Dentist for My Child’s Broken Tooth?

The first thing to do when your baby knocks a tooth loose or chips a tooth is to call your local kid-friendly dentist. Head, face, and neck injuries are serious and require immediate medical attention.

Call 911 immediately if it is a true emergency or if you notice bruising or swelling in those areas, as they could signal internal injury.

You should schedule a visit to a family dentist, such as Kool Smiles, if your child shows the following signs:

  • The tooth is chipped
  • The tooth is cracked
  • The tooth is loose

A damaged tooth could expose sensitive nerve endings in your baby’s mouth, causing pain and discomfort. Without proper attention, your child’s teeth are exposed to bacteria that can cause further damage to other teeth or gums.

When taking your child to the dentist, keep the tooth fragment or loose tooth in a paper towel for the doctor to inspect.

How to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Baby teeth, or primary teeth, will eventually fall out on their own. Premature damage to baby teeth should be dealt with immediately, but in many cases the damage is mild

The best strategy for protecting your child’s teeth is through child-proofing and ensuring a balanced diet, free from sugary foods or hard candy.

Kid-Friendly Emergency Dentist Services

When your baby loses or cracks a tooth in half, you need quality care. At Kool Smiles dentistry, our family-friendly staff can help you and your child get quick, affordable attention.

We know the unexpected happens. Many offices are open on the weekends and have extended week-day hours for emergencies. In addition to x-rays and a full range of restorative care options, many of our offices offer specialty services, such as pediatrics, oral surgery, endodontics, orthodontics, and more

We accept Medicaid at every one of our 120+ locations, as well as TRICARE, SCHIP, cash, credit cards, or CareCredit.

Let us help work with your budget to meet your emergency care needs. Find a Kool Smiles near you or call us to speak with a dental care representative immediately.



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