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If you are searching for a nearby dentist for your child, there is likely a Kool Smiles in your neighborhood. Simply put in your city and state or zip code, and choose from over 120 Kool Smiles locations across the United States.

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Why Choose Kool Smiles?

If you’ve spent any time searching for a nearby dentist for your child, you know how difficult it can be to find one that offers the services he or she needs while also accepting your insurance. On top of that, some general dentists are not used to working with children, and their offices aren’t kid-friendly. 

Kool Smiles is different. 

At Kool Smiles, all of our dentists have experience working with children and nearly all of our offices have indoor play areas to entertain your child while they wait. 

We also accept most major insurance plans, including Medicaid, TRICARE, SCHIP, and CareCredit.

Did you know that less than half of dentists accept Medicaid? Not only do we accept Medicaid at every location, we never limit the number of Medicaid patients we will see in one day. Here is a complete list of the insurance plans we are currently accepting. 

We Care About Your Child’s Dental Care

We understand that good dental hygiene starts at home, and our goal is to act as an added support system to you and your family. Our dentists and hygienists are happy to answer any questions that you have about your children’s dental health. Some common questions that we hear from parents include:

When should I begin taking care of my baby’s teeth?

You can improve your child’s mouth health before his or her first tooth ever comes in by gently wiping their gums with a soft cloth. A good age to start this is when your baby is around six or seven months old. This will help keep your child’s mouth clean and free of excess bacteria that can cause problems when their first tooth comes in.

But remember, never use toothpaste on a baby younger than two years old, unless directed by your child’s dentist.

How can I encourage my child to brush his or her teeth?

Kids love games, and turning teeth brushing into a game will make them excited to brush their teeth. A game that we suggest is “count the teeth,” a game that involves your child counting every clean tooth out loud once they are brushed. 

Practicing good dental hygiene yourself is a great way to show your child that healthy teeth brushing habits are important.

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