Find Dental Providers Who Take TRICARE

TRICARE is government insurance for active and retired military families and reservists. The dental benefits are served through a Preferred Dentist Program (PDP) administered by MetLife.

Kool Smiles is part of the PDP as a TRICARE prime dental provider. We proudly accept TRICARE insurance at all of our locations.

Kool Smiles Is a TRICARE Prime Dental Provider

Many dentists shy away from government insurance programs, but that’s not the case at Kool Smiles. We believe all children deserve access to excellent dental care. All of our locations take TRICARE and Medicaid, without limiting the amount of patients we see with those plans.


Have other questions about TRICARE? Here are some frequently asked questions about TRICARE dental programs for kids.

Q. How do I find a children’s dentist who takes TRICARE?

A. If you live near one of the 120+ Kool Smiles locations, you’ve already found one! If not, you can search for a TRICARE prime dental provider.

Q. How much does TRICARE cost?

A. That depends on what plan you use and your current pay grade. Plans include active duty personnel, reservists, and retirees. You can see monthly premium information here.

TRICARE dental plans are voluntary. There are monthly premiums and also a fee for services. For example, the insurance covers 80% of the cost of a filling, and you pay the other 20%.

Q. Does TRICARE cover my kids’ regular dental exams?

A. Yes. Not only do they cover dental exams, but they cover all preventative and diagnostic visits. You pay nothing out of pocket for these visits. 

Q. Does TRICARE pay for children’s braces?

A. TRICARE will cover braces for children in the CONUS service area, up until a certain age. You will have a fee for service of around 50%. Benefits can change, so check your plan for any restrictions.

Q. Do my kids have to go to a dentist on base?

A. Your TRICARE representative or commanding officer will be able to answer this question.

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Kool Smiles is always accepting new patients, and we always accept TRICARE.

Take advantage of free routine visits from a TRICARE prime dental provider. These visits keep smaller problems from turning into big health issues. Kool Smiles has extended office hours and Saturday appointments to make sure you can bring your child to see a dentist.

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