What Causes Baby Teeth to Turn Black?

What causes baby teeth to turn black? The most common reason is that when your child’s teeth aren’t brushed properly at an early age, bacteria can infect a tooth, causing it to discolor. It’s important to foster healthy oral habits at a young age.

Listed below are several more causes for black teeth in children and tips for tooth decay prevention.

Causes for Black Teeth in Your Child

Your baby’s primary teeth begin to erupt when he or she is 6 months old. Once that first tooth pops out, it’s important to start brushing with child-safe toothpaste and teach your child the importance of good oral hygiene. 

When your child’s teeth start to discolor, don’t panic. Call to schedule a dental appointment. There are family-friendly dentists near you that can help protect your child’s smile from tooth decay and gum disease.

Here are several causes for why your baby’s teeth might turn black:

  1. Inadequate brushing
  2. Excessive fluoride use
  3. Overuse of medications or vitamins
  4. Trauma to the mouth
  5. Weak enamel
  6. Dentin Dysplasia Type I

Common treatments for discolored teeth include whitening paste, enamel removal, veneers, root canals, cleaning and more.

Helpful Prevention Tips

To keep your child’s mouth healthy, avoid giving him or her sugary liquids, juice and soft drinks. Also, never put a child to bed with a bottle, as it may cause “baby bottle tooth decay.”

Keep your own mouth clean, and avoid sharing eating utensils and food with your child. This spreads bacteria known for causing cavities. Brush and floss your child’s teeth every day.

Fight Tooth Decay at Any Age

When your child’s teeth start to turn black, where can you get affordable, sensitive care? Expect quality, low-cost, compassionate dental care at any one of Kool Smiles’ 120 locations across the United States.

We accept Medicaid, TRICARE, and SCHIP — as well as other payment plans based on your budget.

Let’s fight tooth decay together. New families are welcome. If your baby hasn’t had his or her first checkup, call us today or find a location near you to schedule an appointment.



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